Make sure your operating system is up-to-date, and restart your computer 

Also, make sure to:

  • If using a laptop, connect it to a power source rather than using the battery
  • Prioritize a wired internet connection over a Wi-Fi connection
  • Make sure you are the only person connected to the Internet during the exam period
  • Close all active applications on your computer and disable all notifications
  • Open your webcam, enable screen and camera sharing (if applicable to your exam)
  • Settle down in a suitable place for taking an exam that promotes concentration
  • Restart your computer on the morning of the exam

It is possible to test the permissions related to screen and camera sharing in the Video sharing test section at any time. You must first:

  • Click on Validate my device on the left panel of your screen;
  • Click Video sharing test. Validate that the shares are working and that you are well-positioned in the camera capture.

▲ Good to know: If the recommended technology requirements are not met, you may experience some slowness in your Chrome browser. If your screen does not respond for a few moments, wait a few seconds and refresh the browser by clicking on ↻ at the top left of the screen. You will then be prompted to share your screen, if applicable. The security tools of the Nexam platform will allow you to resume writing where you left off without having lost anything.


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