Enable Sharing of the Entire Screen

  • Select Entire Screen
  • Click on the Screen image below the Entire Screen 
  • The Share button will turn blue, making it actionable.
  • Click Share

The Share button must turn blue before you click it.



If the following error message appears, follow the steps below to enable screen-sharing in system settings and the browser.

app.nexam.io indicates

Enable screen sharing permissions in browser settings.



Allow Sharing in Mac System Settings

  • Select Apple menu  
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Select Privacy
  • To enable the modification of the settings, click on the lock (bottom left-hand corner)

  • Click Screen Recording
  • Click Google Chrome to authorize the Chrome browser
  • Click the lock to prevent further changes.

*Important: You MUST click on Quit & Reopen to ensure the modifications are applied. 

Note: If the browser isn't in the list, click on the "+" to add it. Use the search bar to select Chrome and add it to the authorized browser.



Step-by-step Video on How to Authorize Screen Sharing.

This video shows you how to enable screen sharing with the Chrome browser using the System Preferences of a Mac.




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