Start Grading

Click Grading on the left side menu from the Dashboard to access the exam copies.

The grader's copies are organized by class and exam name. Click Grade to start grading a copy and accept the Connection icon provided by Google.

You will have access to Redaction and Spreadsheet for each exam copy.

You can write comments directly in the Spreadsheet.

Correction Grid

The grader selects an Assessment opportunity (AO) and analyses the answers according to the criteria. The correction grid can be resized by moving the vertical sidebar in the middle of the screen.

The grader has access to the grading criteria by competency level (Competent (C), Reaching competence (VC), Nominal competence (CM) and Not addressed (NT)). The results are presented in percentages; the students will have access to the competency level they reached (C, VC, CM, NT).


Comments can be added to the intended space in the correction grid, and for all assessment opportunities; assessments can be saved automatically. Comments can be added in the text section of the student's answer by selecting the text, clicking on Comment and adding the comment. 

Results Summary

The Summary is shown in the graded copy when the grading is over. The result is presented in percentages, the students will have access to the deepness level they reached (C, VC, CM, NT), which allows the teachers to increase the scores if necessary. The percentage result won't be presented.

Preview of the Graded Copy

When the grading is finished, you can find the downloadable and previewable PDF of the graded copy.

Grading modification

If the copy hasn't been published, it's possible to come back and adjust the grading. The modifications are saved by clicking Save. All adjustments are automatically saved in the Correction Grid and the Summary.

To grade spreadsheets on "Google Sheets," ensure your Google account is activated and synchronized.

If your account is not connected or you are using a guest session, you will not be able to grade exams on the copies.

This message will show up. " doesn't authorize the connection."


If you click on the guest icon, it will be possible to select an account that you wish to use to grade and activate the synchronization. When using the correct account, click the button to reload the browser's page.


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